What is The School of Fitness?

Welcome to The School of Fitness - a group fitness program based that you can join digitally AND physically. Join the SOF team in our 5 day/week class-based workout program. It's hard. It's fun. And it's effective - but no transformation pics or ab challenges here! The only goal is for you to leave each class feeling Stronger & more Confident than when you started.

Class Info

Each class is 30-35mins, requires no equipment, and can be done from the comfort of your home, which is perfect for busy university students.


Can I Join from Anywhere?

YES! You can join our online livestream OR in-person every weekday. Classes are also currently available on replay 24/7 in our class portal (for memberships only). Our in-person classes are currently based out of Kingston ON, and we are planning on adding more communities soon.


How Can I Try?

Your first week is always FREE, and every single Wednesday is free for the community - no matter whether it's your first week or 50th! If you have questions, please message us on Instagram @theschooloffitness.ca.


We can't wait to see you in class! What are you waiting for? Come get Strong & Confident with us!

Much Love,

The School of Fitness Team

The Schedule












HIIT Cardio

Abs & Arms

HIIT Cardio

Legs & Booty

HIIT Cardio

Our Story

In March 2020, Jess was forced to leave her study abroad term in Singapore early due to Covid-19. While in quarantine, she started streaming free Instagram live classes 5 days a week.


What started as a way to keep busy at home soon turned into a total body workout plan with 50+ people tuning into class everyday... and The School of Fitness was born!


We've been growing ever since - all through word of mouth and social media. So, go thank whoever told you about The School of Fitness and get ready for some hard + fun virtual classes! As we like to say: the hardest part is showing up!

Workout Plan Breakdown





High Intensity Cardio

Low Intensity Strength

Active Recovery

Rest Day (of course)


Thanks for another amazing class!! I have changed the conversation inside my head about fitness all because of you. Who cares about losing X amount of pounds... I finally feel confident in my body and it has been a long journey to feeling this way, thank you for being a part of it. Here's to feeling great!

We are loving your classes! We both find ourselves feeling so confident after coming to class and so much more motivated to workout knowing we are part of the fitness community you have built :) thank you for all of your hard work to keep things so cheerful and fun to be apart of!

Your classes are so fun and I have noticed I am actually excited to do them rather than the endless circuits I used to dread!

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